What is a Green Wall?

A green wall consists of a combination of plants which are grown on vertically supported systems attached to internal walls or external walls of a building. However, in some cases, these green walls can be built on freestanding systems, allowing them to be placed anywhere within a building. Example of colourful home walled garden

How do green walls differ from green facades?

Green walls and green facades might sound and look similar, but in functionality are quite different. Whilst green walls are self-reliant and have plant pots staggered across the freestanding frame or wall, green facades have soil only at the base of the wall to support the climbing plants. Next, green walls can consist of a number of plants, whereas green facades can rely only on climber plants. Because of these restrictions, green facades are tougher to install indoors. However green walls can be easily installed both indoors and outdoors. Green wall irrigation and drainage is connected to a single system. Making it easier for you to manage the vertical green wall garden both indoor and outdoor. Green walls can be used as a growing medium for vegetation or for its stunning appearance in your home or office. At ‘My Vertical Gardens’, we create a range of green walls. Depending on your request, we can develop customised designs which are unique to your garden. Depending on the direction your garden is facing will dictate which species of plants to choose from but with over 75 different species of plants to choose from you’ll be sure to find a unique green wall pattern for your home or office space.

Can green walls be installed in any space?

Green walls can be installed anywhere. both indoors or outdoors. Limited only by imagination, green walls can be found in almost any space due to their self-sustainability and ability to be freestanding frames or attached on structural walls. Together with being aesthetically pleasing, these walls also help you create a natural ambience in your home or office. They also promote biodiversity and can grow organic fruit and vegetables for your family and loved ones

The My Vertical Garden process

At My Vertical Garden, we use our unique vertical garden design system for green walls. Each seedling is planted into an individual pot and mounted on a structural wire frame. This process allows for greater flexibility and easy for maintenance, design changes, and expansion. My Vertical Garden offers monthly or seasonal maintenance packages to ensure your verdantly lush vertical plantings flourish, creating an oasis of tranquillity. Contact us, to discuss your green wall needs. Walled garden vertical gardens green wall the process