What is a living garden?

Living gardens are self-sufficient gardens that are attached to the interior or exterior of a building. The plants of a living wall garden have their roots in the structural support, fastened to the wall itself. The plants receive water from within the vertical support instead of the floor. Stunning living garden example in age care facility

Difference between Vertical Gardens and Living Gardens?

The difference between vertical gardens, living wall gardens, and wall gardens can sometimes be blurred due to their mixed and matched use in the industry. Just like Vertical gardens, living gardens are a way of growing plants vertically instead of horizontally. However, living walls usually contain potted plants rather than climbers which weave through a framework of mesh, wires or cables. Diversity is the key when it comes to beautiful and tall living wall gardens. At ‘My Vertical Gardens’, we use hundreds of different species of plants to create unlimited patterns for unique wall designs. This process ensures all our customers receive custom designed living gardens for their home or office space.

Why are they good for your home or office garden?

With the help of a professional, these living wall gardens are easy to install indoor or outdoor in your home or office space. The systems installed for the garden consist of frames, waterproof panels, automatic irrigation systems and of course, plants. This makes sure the garden is self sufficient and does not require much attention. These living garden walls are perfect for home or office spaces because they are self sufficient. Vertical Garden filled with herbs They also have many visual, health, and financial benefits:

Visual benefits

Living wall gardens can create colourful and luxuriant privacy screens if you live or work in city apartments or offices. Their colorful and vibrant look creates privacy screens which are not obvious and still do a brilliant job of eliminate external noise, letting you enjoy the peace and quiet of your home or office space. The living wall is easy to instal with professional help and gives you quick access to thriving natural surroundings. They are installed on existing walls without causing any damage to the wall itself.

Health benefits

Every day we all spend hours sitting in our office or at home with our families. We are exposed to harmful breathable air toxins like carbon monoxide everyday. Without the presence of plants around us, these air toxins can be detrimental to our health. Presences of a living wall garden and its plants naturally filters the air around us, producing clean breathable air which heightens alertness.

Financial benefits

Living wall gardens are natural thermal insulators. These walls can provide shade and cooling benefits in summer. The difference of temperature in front and back of the facade can be 1.4c cooler in summer and 3.8c warmer in winter. This is mainly due to the magnificent collection of plants absorbing light and heat energy. Therefore in the long run, these luscious living walls will help you reduce the use of artificial cooling and heating in your home or office space and in turn help you cut down on the financial costs associated with air conditioning.

Can living gardens be installed anywhere?

The load-bearing capacity of the wall where you want to install a living wall needs to be assessed by a structural engineer before any work for the installation begins. Every wall is different and can endure different weights and conditions. Therefore making sure that your wall can meet the requirements of the garden, including its weight and the irrigation which will be installed, is very important for long-term sustainability. Make sure the wall can take the weight of mature plants which can weigh anywhere between 5-26 kg. However, you won’t need to worry about this with ‘My Vertical Gardens’. Our professional team is trained in assessing walls for long-term sustainability and will make sure you are fully aware of the health of your garden before installation. We even create maintenance packages so your garden stays verdantly lush and flourishing, creating an oasis of tranquillity.  

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