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The sheer beauty of living walls created by MVG is truly breathtaking. Combine the environmental benefits with the wonder of living, breathing, green foliage, that captures the eye and calms the soul.

Greenery is now a key design aspect for the commercial sector. Evidence suggests that in office settings, exposure to plants and views of vegetation reduces stress and improves performance on a variety of cognitive tasks. Natural foliage and plants add a welcoming and professional ambience.

So what is the "My Vertical Gardens Difference"?

Horticulturists on staff

Whether you’re seeking spectacular masses of thriving greenery, or an installation of vivid colour, our team of innovative Horticulturists are experts in green wall design, construction and maintenance.

Suitable for both indoor & outdoor

MVG can install exterior or interior gardens. Outside, your green wall mitigates the urban heat island effect, moderating the temperature and providing a cooling ambience. Internally, your living wall improves air quality and provides natural insulation.

Maintenance packages

MVG provides cost-effective maintenance packages, monthly or seasonal to ensure your verdantly lush vertical plantings flourish, creating an oasis of tranquillity.

Our Gardens


Enhance interior design with wall mounted or free-standing frames and lush, top-quality designer and exotic plants.

We have an extensive range of fresh designs coming soon. In the meantime, chat with us about your needs.

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freestanding vertical garden by My Vertical Gardens Melbourne


No space? No problem. Let MVG create a visual masterpiece in the home or bring nature into industrialised, densely built urban landscapes.

We work with you to design, install and maintain your new oasis.

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custom installation of a vertical garden by My Vertical Gardens Melbourne

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For the budding gardenista

Take your love of gardening to new heights with our DIY Vertical Garden Kits, available soon. Join the VIP list to find out when.

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