Vertical Gardens

A vertical garden is a low maintenance method of growing living, breathing, green foliage on vertical platforms. These beautiful and unique vertical plant platforms can be installed to transform your home or office. Vertical gardens can be installed in two ways – freestanding vertical gardens or gardens attached to an existing wall. Both processes offer a number of benefits, not the least of which is the tranquil environment you can create both indoors or outdoors.  


Visual benefits of vertical gardens

Vertical gardens are perfect for any small or large spaces including

  • Balconies
  • Rooftops
  • Outdoor BBQ area
  • Dining areas
  • Reception areas
  • Courtyards

There are many reasons why a vertical garden may be right for you. If you live or work in city apartments or offices, vertical gardens can create lush privacy screens that eliminate external noise. Or you may just wish to add more personality to a space by the addition of a thriving living wall. Vertical gardens are easy to install with the right professional help. Once installed, you will have easy access to ‘downtime’ in natural surroundings, even in the heart of the city.  And what’s more, you don’t have to worry about watering your garden every day, the automated irrigation system takes care of that for you. Vertical-garden-indoor                                   vertical-garden-home

Australians are beginning to realise the potential of these installations to increase the resilience of our cities to the impacts of increased temperatures, intense rainfall, habitat loss and increased energy use ~ State Government Victoria

Health benefits of vertical gardens

The benefits of a vertical garden goes far beyond its visual appeal. Everyday, we are constantly exposed to air toxins like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide in enclosed spaces. Vertical gardens are a natural form of air filter, creating a healthy environment to live or work in. They help improve the quality of air and heighten alertness at home or in the office by metabolising harmful toxins and releasing vast amounts of oxygen in our surrounding environment, just like pots and small indoor plants do – but on a much larger scale. Additionally, your green roof, walls or living facade will lower your carbon footprint. The natural fresh air and shade produced by these vertical gardens can also help you reduce energy costs by reducing the use of air conditioning in summer and improving insulation in winter. ‘My Vertical Gardens’ will help you help the planet go green.

‘My Vertical Garden Difference’

At ‘My Vertical Gardens’ we build lavish freestanding, or wall mounted gardens that are customised to suit your style. The ‘My Vertical Gardens difference’ refers to the fact that we will provide you with professional experience.  We love what we do and take pride in every project.We work with you and customise each vertical garden design with preference to your taste. We achieve this by appointing professional horticulturists on staff who create vivid  and innovative designs for you. Our vertical gardens can be installed indoor, and outdoor and they are low maintenance and water smart. However, if you do need regular support, we offer monthly or seasonal cost-effective maintenance packages to ensure your oasis is flourishing. Want to install a vertical garden in your home or office? Contact us today.

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