What are walled gardens?

A walled garden is an outdoor garden enclosed by high walls for horticultural purposes. These walls are often used decoratively, but also help to control the temperature of a space or grow fruits like grapes or pears. Difference between vertical gardens and walled gardens? The biggest difference between walled gardens and vertical gardens is that vertical gardens can grow on walls or on freestanding frames, whilst walled gardens only grow on walls. Vertical gardens consist of potted plants, climbers, and veils which can be placed inside your home or outside. However walled gardens are vertical gardens which must be grown outdoors. The only space in which walled gardens can grow indoors is in a greenhouse environment. At ‘My Vertical Gardens’, we create different types of walled gardens which are the perfect addition to your home or office garden. Come find your custom-built walled garden pattern with us. Walled garden with flowers in aged care facility

What are walled gardens used for?

Visual benefits

Walled gardens are mainly used to grow fruits and vegetables. However, their beauty cannot be ignored. They can be vibrant in colour and come in all shapes and sizes. These beautiful plant walls also fulfil an important role in some homes – of securing manicured gardens from animals and other pests.

Health benefits

Walled gardens, much like living gardens and vertical gardens, improve air quality by filtering the air through photosynthesis. They cancel out external noise and maintain a consistent temperature in the garden. Here’s some trivia, in the 18th century walled gardens were used to feed families. These gardens were also known as ‘kitchen gardens’, and grew enough fruits and vegetables to feed a family. One of the oldest and biggest walled gardens was created for Queen Victoria in Windsor.

Can walled gardens be installed in any space?

Walled gardens can be installed on any outdoor wall. They thrive in gardens, backyards, and office open areas. It is best that walled gardens should be installed by professionals. The only consideration is that they are restricted to being outdoors. The professional team at ‘My vertical Gardens’ is trained in creating designs based on your request and the needs of your garden. Our walled gardens are self-sustaining. This means you don’t have to worry about maintaining the plants every day. Our monthly maintenance package can also help you keep on top of the wall’s maintenance.

Office wall vertical garden green wall example